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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on community development & social work.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on community development & social work. This essay highlights that one of the principles of social work is treating people with respect and dignity. Intimidation must not form part of social work and cultural differences should be duly recognised. Protection from harm and fair share in resources must be promoted. Any form of discrimination must not be practised. options must be made available. and obstacles must be lessened. In social work, the needs of others must be prioritised and social workers must make use of their skills and abilities in resolving conflicts among the members of the community. Trust and confidence in the exercise of duties must be practised and people should be given the highest quality of service.

As the paper declares community development is centered on the values of social justice, self determination, working and learning together, sustainable communities, participation and reflective practise. Some underlying principles that strengthen social justice are showing respect for individuals’ civic and human rights. being sensitive to cultural diversities, differences in beliefs and ideologies. promoting equal career opportunities. and discouraging discrimination. Self-determination can be shown by identifying first and foremost, the root of the problem currently experienced by the community. Developing a sustainable community is one of the goals of a community development worker. The right of the community must be fully respected by community workers in deciding what is beneficial for them.

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