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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on it tools that support team process.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on it tools that support team process. The second is the RFP (Request for Proposal) technical response and the third is the facilitator flip chart. All these three tools can also be used with biometric identification programs, in order to facilitate and enhance this people identification process. The application of each of these three tools is discussed below:

Continuous process improvement tools can be used in order to ensure lean production to promote efficiency in operations (www.allbusiness.com). When teams work together to achieve the objective of problem-solving, they work with seven basic tools such as Pareto charts, trend analysis graphs, histograms, scatter plots and check sheets. All of these IT statistical tools are useful in working towards the development of quality. They are used successfully in manufacturing processes, but they can also be used to facilitate teamwork when they are used as management and planning tools.

When continuous process improvement tools are to be used to improve team processes, it would be preferable to use data analysis tools that function on the basis of an analysis of language and relationships rather than purely statistical data. Such tools can be effective in coordinating the work of those working on the periphery of the business process and integrating their efforts into the efforts of the business centers. Such tools could include affinity and relations diagrams, as well as hierarchy diagrams. Data analysis charts in this instance would use matrices and tables in order to display the value and priority of the language and relational data (www.allbusiness.com). The diagrams are useful in shedding light on the patterns of flow of communication within the firm, the organizational hierarchies and in setting up precedence diagrams that are useful in quality function deployment.

Data analysis using such tools as affinity and hierarchy diagrams may also be applicable for biometric identification purposes.

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