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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on military after action review.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on military after action review. It, therefore, exposed me to various aspects of combat missions and on strategic management of operations while on such deployment missions. Among the main areas that the deployment gave me exposure in are together with the concept of acquisition, the concept of command and control, MTOE (modified table of organization and equipment) as well as on power efforts within Afghanistan. Besides, I learned a lot on the responsibilities and the main competencies that an acquisition officer within such missions is expected to have in order to realize effectiveness in the entire operations.

First, I must admit that the tour served a great learning experience especially in practice of what military science class had taught me. For instance, unlike what theory supposes, that current field operations influence much the concept of acquisition, the tour taught me that the concept of acquisition is and should be centered on the old (tradition) garrison operations. Concerning the command controls, it is worth noting that as much as a command coronel has the power to command the teams he/she leads, other vested interests in pleasing the project managers and the superiors end up confusing and hence effectiveness is compromised on such missions. This could not be well phrased while in the class context but when one is given such a responsibility in the field as I had, I managed to have the practical aspect in the command and control within military science. Moreover, the field experience showed me that the MTOE does not necessarily support the war that the fighters need. It was also through this trip that I understood that redundant operational energy power efforts within Afghanistan could be blamed on the multiple power providing organizations that were in operation within the country.

Among most other things learned from the places visited and over the tasks assigned were on strategic planning, roles assignment and responding to emergencies whenever the need arises.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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