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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on required skills in learning and proffesional performance.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on required skills in learning and proffesional performance. The aspects of communication start with the ability to listen then followed by understanding. The aspect of hearing is important in the case of communication as the exchange of message from the sender through a media to the receiver.

In the course of my study, I have learned how to listen to others. The listening skill is a unique state and capability that a person develops over time. The study has helped me to keep on building this skill since it requires one to listen to the instructor carefully in order to learn and understand the coursework. These techniques enable me to do the same to my classmates as well as other people. In relation to this, it is possible for me to say that the study has assisted me to improve on this set of skill since listening is classified into various categories, it has enabled me to gain both the passive and active listening.

Understanding a message is an important skill because the message requires an analysis to identify its real meaning and elaboration. In this case, in order for one to understand better an individual must learn the signs.

These are also classified to be part of communication where any response is identified and measured according to the question asked. This skill develops slowly over time. In all profession, the art of proper communication is important in relation to the consumers, clients and all the employees. Therefore, I have acquired relevant skills adequate to response especially during discussions or question time.

Data analysis applies to the skills needed for systematic application of statistical knowledge in describing and illustrating collected data. This has helped me to develop the skills needed to collect data, describe the data, illustrate, recap and evaluate the same data. Analyzing data is an essential skill that I am proud off through my course of study and still, it will remain to be paramount in another sphere of my life as an individual.&nbsp.

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