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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on strategies for direct and indirect instruction.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on strategies for direct and indirect instruction. Psychologists have concluded that different people have different styles of learning and in order to ensure their effective learning, there are different learning styles. 3rd graders are at the early stage of their learning process so it is immensely important for the teachers to identify their learning styles and apply them. Some children are visual-spatial learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, and some are a combination. By identifying the learning personality of the child, the environment and style of teaching can be adopted which would help him succeed in school (Honigsfeld, 2013).

The third graders have an increasing sense of personal responsibility and independence. Neurological and physiological changes in the child bring an increase in attention, physical stamina, and memory. Students also develop a willingness to work with the opposite gender and develop an understanding with other students through teamwork. These are the social needs of the students. The emotional needs require the teachers to be polite and friendly towards the students rather than strict or formal. The students’ emotional needs increase and they find criticism or failure more difficult to accept. The students’ needs must be fulfilled by the teacher in class and at all times of their interaction throughout school learning.

The direct instructions are the directions of the teachers that are commonly used in classes. This strategy is used mostly in order to develop an approach and provide information to build knowledge of students. Some of the strategies adopted for this lesson are teacher structured lessons, behavioral learning principles, use deductive methods to teach new concepts, and monitor students’ learning and provide feedback.

The structured lessons prepared must ensure a clear approach towards the topic, a sequential approach, and activities and lesson pacing in control of the teacher. For this unit, the students must& given lessons about plants in sequential order by explaining the parts of the plants step by step.&nbsp.

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