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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the activities of the united states in the fight against terrorism.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the activities of the united states in the fight against terrorism. Community policing may have reintroduced strong links between the public and the police. however, its origin has no link with the terrorist cell identification and terrorist attack prevention. The role of hot spot policing has changed from dealing with crimes at particular places to dealing with threats of terrorism (Feucht et al., 2009).

In a nutshell, the police force innovations in the past decades have specifically developed for particular types of crimes and problems. They have little or no connection with the threats of terrorism. Some scholars argue that terrorism is a crime like other crimes and should be dealt with the same way. This might be the case, but the high policing functions in response to terrorism may undermine police efforts in traditional activities such as the control of disorder and crime (Feucht et al., 2009).

Little is asked about the activities of the United States in the fight against terrorism. These activities include intelligence collection, which is regarded as spies, domestic intelligence, and counterintelligence regarded as snooping, and the use of covert action, which is regarded as dirty tricks. These activities have overstepped the mandate of the United States. They have shifted the balance between the secrecy and openness that the United States has so much embraced in the fight against terrorism and the protection of national security. The Americans have shown to be very much willing to compromise their democratic freedom to feel protected from the threats and adapt to the concept of liberty. This only happens to some extent. Any compromise of freedom is directly linked to the threat being perceived by the United States leaders and the citizenry at any particular time. When the threat is perceived to be significant, a response is quickly initiated by the United States political process. they move quickly and decisively with a significant cohesion. As the threat retreats from the&nbsp.collective consciousness, the collective cohesion starts to wipe away. Questions arise as to the wisdom used when the political process acted in haste rather than after thorough deliberation. Concerns become significant as the shared danger becomes prominent.

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