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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the family tree of influencing songs.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the family tree of influencing songs. Lana Del Ray is the new Carol King and Janis Joplin becomes Amy Winehouse. In his perception, John Mayer is Bob Dylan. Woodstock remains Coachella with Bonnaroo and Burning Man retaining their identities. There are those who hold that Obama is the new John F. Kennedy. History is cyclical and explains the reasons why old music of the 60s remains recycled and popular today.

The current music among the Millennials remains in tandem or represent the generation termed as that of flower power. Freedom of expression, drugs, and rock and roll are present in current music. The same style applied in the sixties where the youth defied ideas held by their parents remains the norm even in contemporary society. People still attend festivals by the sea and use studios located in dirty apartments. The present content carries forth what the generation of the 60s did. There are great similarities between the generations of the hippies to Generation-Y especially with efforts to legalize weed in the entire country. A massive revolution and change in the US currently, is similar to the popularity of blue and pink peace signs on Volvos in the 60s. The current music represents the revolutionaries, new lovers, as well as new fee spirits. Indeed, new music only carries issues in history to the present generation.

History is cyclical. Music rhymes are sisters of ganja, children of the weed, and brothers to the pipe. The same way people in the 60s remained passionate regarding the concepts of taking life in a different fashion, so do the current children. Regularly, kids defy everything from their parents. They protest against Wall Street Bourgeoisies and conservatives leaning to the right. Youths demonstrate for recognition of gay rights and in demand for the deportation of Justin Bieber. The epitome of marching is the legalization of Cannabis Sativa. The vibrancy witnessed today remains reminiscent of what the generation of the 60s experienced. The Millennials come with intensity considering advancements in Information and Communication Technology. The generation feels the same as the parents of the 60s (Dijk 331). Then, parents became stubborn, straight-laced, unhappy, and narrow-minded. Currently, the Millennials also called Baby Boomers fight anything that hinders creativity and alternative perceptions.

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