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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the history of information security.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the history of information security. The traditional information security techniques that were used in ancient Egypt such as data hiding, watermarking, and cryptography, are some of the basic notions, and they do play a significant role in the development of the information security sector algorithms and solutions. A new trend in information security includes biometric technologies that deliver good security levels nowadays. It is easy to combine the traditional techniques with biometrics so as to realize much resilient security levels. The field of technology in line with information security has continued to develop in leaps since ancient times (Blackwood 396). Despite the fact that not all companies or organizations have been in a position to embrace the latest security systems, information security will surely grow to a greater height.

Information security is a concept that is broad than technology. It involves protecting information and relevant information systems from access that is not authorized or use, disclose, disrupt, and destroy vital information. There has never been some struggle or effort to come up with an all-inclusive history regarding information security (Blackwood 97). This is quite unfortunate simply because information security should be taken as a set of vessels that are communicating, where the technical inventions can make the prevailing organizational frame-works obsolescent, and a failure of political authority may lead to a special dependence on the technical means. The aim of this paper is to critically analyze the history of information security from Ancient Egypt to the present day.

Egypt is one of the most talked-about civilizations in the world. Ranging from its quest for development in agriculture, trade, and industry, the country had also a great interest in technological development especially in information security. The development of the forms of information security in Egypt has been stepwise. One main form that was used is encryption. This is the process of converting messages or data into a form that is not readable to any person except apart from&nbsp.the intended recipient of the information.

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