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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the possible product and service of zappos com.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the possible product and service of zappos com. It is essential to determine that such a strategy in any way contributed to the success in shoes or whether it would be able to replicate the success in other product lines.

It is also fundamental to determine how the company could scale the business with revenues of tens of billions. Moreover, the major effort of the company was to “wow” its customers by providing with maximum customer satisfaction. The market faced a hard situation as the economic scenario varied dramatically in late 2008, together with financial market collapsing and recession. Unlike the other many websites selling at the lower price during the period, the service-intensive company’s business was based on sales at the little discount or no discount. Evaluating the competencies o the organization would enable us to understand the chain issues and other critical elements to company’s success.

Zappos always strives to foster a culture that understands the impact of working capital on the profitability of the firm. The process of decision making and the daily activities of the firm must be carried out on the basis of working capital management analysis. The company manages the decision making through a cross-functional communication system. The decision making is used to drive and maximize the working capital performance of the firm. also has already developed a training program to impart working capital management principles into practice.

The management team utilizes the decision-making process to integrate capital management into the fabric of organizational culture. In the same way, the process of decision making in the routine activities reveals the glowing significance of cash management. It helps the management in all forms of risk management within the firm. The organization takes record of the important decision and measures taken by the management team.&nbsp.

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