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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what is the significance of new communication technologies for contemporary community or youth work.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on what is the significance of new communication technologies for contemporary community or youth work. The daily lives of youths in the present days are dominated by live communications such as internet chats, use of phones and SMS messaging, among many others. It is not possible to understand the lifestyles of the young people without considering the roles played, in their lives, by internet, mobile phones and other forms of new and modern technology. The teenagers and young people are spending a substantial part of their lifetime using modern technology such are computers, the internet, and mobile phones – hence this issue is incessantly becoming more significant. The new and modern technology has some positive as well as negative impacts on the lives of the youths and the community at large. Although I am aware that Internet has many advantages not only for young people but for the society in general, in my professional role as a youth worker, I only work with young people affected by the negative aspects as they are young people in need. It is through this forum that I have realised the strong need to protect this vulnerable group from the negative impact of new technology, as it will be discussed in this paper. Sociality – private/public boundaries There are various anthropology-based perspectives through which any technology can be studied including creation of social relations, the resultant rituals, the values fostered and the practices developed around the said technology by different users. On the other hand, cyberculture can be associated with new technologies in two areas, including biotechnology and artificial intelligence - such as information and computer technologies. The computer and information technologies have brought about a system of technosociality, which is an extensive process of sociocultural construction built in two systems originated from the so-called cyberculture. In contrast, biotechnologies are the origins of biosociality - a new system for production of nature, life and the body through biological innovations. All in all, cyberculture originates from modernity form of social and cultural matrix, which is seen as a step towards readjusting the dominant tradition. The computer is a reminiscent object and a predictive medium for the creation of various public and private worlds. As the culture of computers continues to spread, more peoples perceive themselves in terms of computers (Escobar 215). It is common to find the term ‘private’ being compared with ‘public’. The field of communication media has been synonymous with the creation of the situations of either being public of private. The private/public boundaries are shaped by the way humans have interacted with the world around them. For a case in point, modern technologies and communications such as televisions, radios, telephones and the internet have practically enjoined the outside and public worlds within the people’s private spheres, breaking the barrier between the two worlds. In addition, the modern technology has toughened the boundary of privacy within homes.

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