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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why and how the u.s. got into the war.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why and how the u.s. got into the war. In the year 1914, countries such as Germany and Great Britain increased their forces, especially the navies. Thus, with time the establishment of the military became influential on the public and the entire public policies. Therefore, an increase in militarism assisted in pushing the nations into the world war.

Mutual alliances for defense or rather defense agreements among countries in Europe were key causes of World War 1. Whenever a nation was attacked, allied countries moved in to defend them. For instance, Australia and Hungary declared war on the Serbia nation when Russia decided to defend Serbia. On seeing that, Germany declared against Russia and France mobilized its forces against Germany, Australia, and Hungary. Later, Japan, the United States, and Italy entered the war.

America initially played a neutral nation until the death of Archduke of Australia-Hungary. This murder gave rise to the most destructive war in history. In addition, trade with the most superpower nations by then was cut by greater percentages. This prompted the German navy to attack America from the sea. After about two years of attack, America decided to join the Great War.

The Second World War was caused by a number of factors. both short term and long term. To start with, the Treaty of Versailles angered the Weimar Germany thus stimulating conflicts across the German nation. Secondly, the League of Nations’ inability to deal with major global issues was the major cause of the war. Thus, the League failed to control the power of nations which were against the International Law.

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