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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why international students pay more than home students.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on why international students pay more than home students. They contribute to the economy and their taxes support the educational institutions, and so, they are given some laxity in the fee. Actually, they are not given leniency but the international students are charged more fee which gives the impression that the home students are being charged less. This is the main reason why international students are charged more fees.

Interviewee: Yes, I do believe that when international students are charged more, they are being discriminated against home students. Even if the officials discard this aspect, yet it implicitly expresses itself. Discrimination gets expressed in a lot of forms, either intentionally or unintentionally. This discrimination, which is unintentional, roots itself deeply in the lives of international students. When they feel that they have to pay more fees, they feel procedural injustice. They feel that they are not being treated fairly. It is very important for the concerned educational officials to take measures to eliminate this type of discriminatory behavior, to make the students focus on their studies rather than making them feel dejected. These students should be ensured that they are not aliens and that they are welcome to enjoy the same kinds of rights as home students.

Interviewee: As I already mentioned, the feeling of discrimination is the biggest problem. There are also many other hazards. For example, international students already suffer from the burden of expenditure in the foreign country. They have to look for residence if they do not opt to live in hostels. They have to arrange for their food and clothing. There are a lot of other expenditures that they have to face. They are already under such big financial pressure. Arranging for fee that is more than what is charged from home students gives them a lot of financial burden. This takes a toll on their concentration on academics as well.

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