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Your final project will be about workplace violence in healthcare in the United States. Go to OSHA's website (www.gov) and search on workplace...

Your final project will be about workplace violence in healthcare in the United States. Go to OSHA's website (www.osha.gov) and search on workplace violence.  This website also has information about workplace bullying, and this is also an appropriate topic, since it is emotional violence. Many people assume that workplace violence is on the increase, but your research may surprise you. You may write about legislation, about prevention programs, response programs, or about particular workplace settings (convenience stores, schools, factories, etc.)   

Rather than just report what others have researched about the topic, focus on the implications for organizations, managers, and employees. For example, workplace violence is the most common cause of workplace fatalities for women. What policies or programs could affect this? What effect will proposed legislation have on organizations? The best papers will combine learning from the text and class with the research discovered. Just describing the research will be an average paper at best.  

You must use at least three (and preferably more) different sources about your topic. The sources should be a mix of scholarly sources, to include: journal articles, textbooks, and government websites. All three sources should not be internet sites. Consider the quality and credibility of your sources. Do not rely on websites that sell security products or services, and be cautious about "news" sites. 

 Be sure to check the dates of your information. Even though something is posted to the web recently, it may be 10 or more years old. Old information is not useful with this topic.  Aim for statistics less than three years old, but other information can be older if relevant.

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