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Your paper should be 2 pages in length.Please submit your research paper as a . PDF file.Please proofread your assignment before you submit it.You will need to cite at least one book or academic journ

  • Your paper should be 2 pages in length.
  • Please submit your research paper as a . PDF file.
  • Please proofread your assignment before you submit it.
  • You will need to cite at least one book or academic journal article. You can use whichever citation method you prefer.
  • Crash course video, How to Write Papers and Essays:

Quiz Directions:

1. Select a topic of your choosing as it relates to globalization. We have covered many topics this semester, so you have many options to choose from:

    • poverty and stratification
    • politics and political systems
    • work and the economy
    • culture--food, music, fashion, language
    • media and technology
    • migration
    • urbanization
    • ideology
    • war and terrorism
    • the environment and climate change

2. You will research a book or academic journal article on the topic you selected. Utilize USM's library website to help you in your research: 

3. You will have to do some research. Below is a quick-step guide on how to research a topic.

  • Let's pretend my topic is global migration patterns to the U.S. since COVID.
    • EBSCO, a research database, is a good start. USM's Library subscribes to EBSCO. Click "Articles and Databases" on the left toolbar, then search "EBSCO".
    • Second, I would type in search words. Get creative. Use different kinds of word combinations. Below are some examples:
      • example 1: type in the search box-- "global migration statistics 2020-2022"
      • example 2: type in the search box-- "immigration trends globalization patterns"
      • example 3: type in the search box-- "immigration patterns international trends global" 
  • Once you find an article, you will write a 2-page paper. Half of the paper should be a summary, and the other half should be a sociological analysis.
    • Summary: tell me what the book or newspaper article said. Summarize the work's key points/themes/arguments. Provide specific examples from the book or article to support those points.
    • Analysis: tell me how your topic relates to the sociology of globalization. Explain how your topic connects to what you have learned this semester. You want to connect your topic to the chapters and readings. You want to demonstrate that you can make analytical connections between your chosen topic and the sociology of globalization.
      • For example, you could write something like, “The book I chose relates to the lecture on politics and globalization, which focuses on domestic and international policies related to migration patterns. For example, the reading titled ________ discusses the concept of ______, which relates to my topic because _____."

4. Your paper must be well-written, have complete sentences, and be grammatically correct

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