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Your supervisor will be traveling to England to meet with clients. The trip will begin one month from today. The trip will last for seven days,...

Your supervisor will be traveling to England to meet with clients.  The trip will begin one month from today.  The trip will last for seven days, including travel time.

1.  Research flights to your city from the Tidewater area. Give flight number, arrival, departure time as well as cost.

   2.  Prepare (make-up) a flight itinerary for the trip and print/record this information.  This can appear in the side      heading International Travel Arrangement – Flight. Research the best way for your supervisor to get from the airport to the hotel and record those arrangements.  You will need this information to complete the next assignment. 

3.  Select a hotel where your supervisor will stay.  Record the hotel name and address, reservation dates, and room rates as you would when booking the hotel.  Don’t forget transportation from airport to hotel and back.

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