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  • Waiting for answer class 2 unit 6 DQ

    Which theory speaks to your advanced nursing practice? Explain why it speaks directly to your future practice and give specific examples of how you see it fitting into your new role. APA 6ta edit 3 refernce

  • Waiting for answer UNIT III PROJECT

    Unit III Project  Demonstration of Understanding of Unit III Concepts  The topics covered in Unit III examine the effects that drugs can have on multiple body systems. These effects can happen whether one uses macronutrients, minerals, herbals, poisons, additive drugs, antibacterial, or antiviral dr...

  • Waiting for answer COMMENT KARAN

    I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT..BETWEEN 150-200 WORDS In our topic reading this week spiritual care is defined as "Spiritual care means putting people in touch with God through compassionate presence, active listening, witness prayer, Bible reading and partnering with the body of...

  • Waiting for answer class 1 unit 6 comment

    The role of the FNP and the nurse educator are very different in the way their expertise is utilized for the greater good of the community. The FNP provides direct care to a population of people, whereas the nurse educator facilitates learning by imparting knowledge through lectures, demonstrations...

  • Waiting for answer 750 words on "The impact of Obesity in Healthcare" APA

    Hello! Need some help for a paper that is 750 words with at least 4 references in APA format.  Need it in the next 5 hours.  Thank you in advance.  Andrew

  • Waiting for answer DQ1

    What is your definition of "spiritual care?" How does it differ or accord with the description given in the topic readings? Explain. TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGMENT YOU NEED TO ACCESS TO MY STUDENT PORTL IN: GCU LOGIN USERNAME: iespinosa2 PASSWORD: Cartagena5 GO TO RESOURCE, THEN COURSE MATERIAL

  • Waiting for answer class 1 unit 6 Dq

    Compare and contrast the primary care NP role with other APN roles and the role of physician assistants. What are the similarities among the roles and what are the differences? APA 6ta edition 3 reference

  • Waiting for answer Week 3 Discussion - A-PLUS ONLY!!!!!!

    Levels of Strategy Discuss the different levels of strategy from corporate level to the business unit level. Discuss why there is potential for disconnect from the home office to the individual organization.

  • Waiting for answer Organizational Analysis- The Nurse Leader

    4 page APA paper includes reference page.  Please create a nurse leader with 5 years experience as Nurse Director to Medical-Surgical Unit. Preferably a she. Thanks. 

  • Waiting for answer Week 3 Assignment - A-PLUS ONLY!!!!!!!!!

    Vertical Integration Write a 2 page paper addressing the following elements in your paper: Examine the pros and cons of vertical integration in terms of overall strategy. Include a title page and 3-5 references. Only one reference may be from the internet (not Wikipedia). The other references...

  • Waiting for answer Week 2 Assignment - A-PLUS ONLY!!!!!!

    Analytical and Emergent Approaches Write a 2 page paper addressing the following elements in your paper: Evaluate the similarities and differences of both the analytical and emergent approaches to strategic management. Evaluate the benefits of combining the two models. Include a title page an...

  • Waiting for answer miss prof

    1. What is holistic healing? 2. What do we mean by Worldview? 3. Explain Holistic ethics. 4. List four self-reflection strategies. 5. What is Energy Meridian?

  • Waiting for answer miss prof

    Write a 500- word paper using APA Format. Topic: Analyze the qualities of effective nutrition programs in diverse cultural and ethnic groups in a community setting

  • Waiting for answer miss prof

    Books Required Holistic Nursing, A Handbook for Practice, 6th Edition Author: Dossey Montgomery, B., Keegan, L. ISBN: 978-1-4496-45632 Publish Discuss the role of vitamin and mineral supplementation in disease prevention and health promotion.. Discussion cannot be more than (300) words er: Jones...

  • Waiting for answer comment from post 3

    I currently work on a cardiac tele floor. While my floor may experience many people at a critical time of their life, we don’t see death every day. Recently we have had quite a few of our patients go on hospice. While I don’t see death every day, I have seen it quite often. I don’t look at death as...

  • Waiting for answer comment from post 2

    What is death? “Death is the cessation of the connection between our mind and our body. Most people believe that death takes place when the heart stops beating; but this does not mean that the person has died, because his subtle mind may still remain in his body. Death occurs when the subtle conscio...

  • Waiting for answer DISCUSSION 7

    Crohn’s disease In your initial post, discuss the following questions about your chosen disorder: Concept and Etiology: How does the disease affect the ear, nose, throat, and gastrointestinal systems in particular? How does it deviate from the definition of health discussed in Module One? Classifica...

  • Waiting for answer comment from post 1

    At the beginning of my career as a nurse, I started working as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at a nursing home. I used to work at least 72 hours a week with the same residents. Initially, when I witnessed death at work, it was very difficult for me because I had become attached to residents emoti...

  • Waiting for answer ASSIGNMENT1 W4

    Details: This assignment requires you to interview one person and requires an analysis of your interview experience. Part I: Interview Select a patient, a family member, or a friend to interview. Be sure to focus on the interviewee's experience as a patient, regardless of whom you choose to interv...

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