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  • Waiting for answer Answer the following questions:

    The insurance industry plays a major role in the American health care system and absorbs a significant portion of the health care dollar. A single payer system, whether it is a private company or the US government, would eliminate the complex insurance paperwork burden and free substantial funds tha...

  • Waiting for answer ASSIGNMENT

    Visit South’s online library and review these two articles. Connelly, L. M. (2014). Use of theoretical frameworks in research. MEDSURG Nursing, 23(3), 187-188. Green, H. E. (2014). Use of theoretical and conceptual frameworks in qualitative research. Nurse Researcher, 21(6), 34-38. Next, review the...

  • Waiting for answer Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

    Discuss new advances in healthcare and its impact on those covered under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Research and list at least 2-3 new processes and explain how each impacts healthcare outcome.

  • Waiting for answer Case review: Administration of the "Wrong Blood"

    Must be in APA format. Your final assignment is now due. Provide a summary that consists of at least 2-3 pages using APA format. Your summary must be detailed. Cite any cases that you discovered during your research that had a different or similar outcome with a date after the date of Bordelon v. S...

  • Waiting for answer A Summary of Processes

    Provide a detailed 2-3 page APA paper, including references, on how ethics and professionalism may conflict with each other in a healthcare setting. Use examples to help explain your research.

  • Waiting for answer Discuss in detail the role of the ethics committee.

    Provide three measures of a great healthcare board/committee. Explain what a potential client or patient may see as a result of your chosen measures that indicate your choices are good measurements. APA format

  • Waiting for answer before and after photos

    You are a patient at seeing a Plastic Surgeon for a consultation. During your visit, the physician takes out his cell phone and takes several pictures of the areas for the surgery. During this process the physician explains that this will be a part of his before and after collection. Is there a prob...

  • Waiting for answer NSG 5522 Family Nursing: Theory, Research, and Practice

    Good morning, Are you able to complete the assignment below due on Thursday 01/28/2016? Thanks, NSG 5522 Family Nursing: Theory, Research, and Practice Genogram/Ecomap Assignment Purpose: Genograms provide a quick and useful context in which to evaluate an individual's health risks . Eco-maps a...

  • Waiting for answer Please help with homework

    Your assignment(s) may include the location, dates, risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of future outbreaks for the topic approved for your group (ZIKA VIRUS).  Submit references on a separate slide, citing all sources using APA format. Assigned tasks for individual...

  • Waiting for answer comment from post 6

    Leanet, I enjoyed reading your post.  You listed many risk factors that adolescents face that may lead to pregnancy.  I would also like to point out that teen pregnancies also happen to children from healthy, stable upbringing.  At times kids feel untouchable and that pregnancy only happens to other...

  • Waiting for answer Project Control

    Project Control The actual implementation of a project occurs within the execution phase. During this phase, it is not uncommon for project managers to determine that projects have deviated from the original scope, time, or cost (the “triple constraint”), often due to unforeseen issues. When one el...

  • Waiting for answer comment from post 5

    Richard,  Nice post.  I just  would like to add to the possible reasons for the decrease in adolescent pregnancies.  Abstaining from sex is becoming more acceptable and  contraceptives are more readliy available to adolescents.  Another idea stems from what is seen on the television.  The explicit s...

  • Waiting for answer Genogram and Interpretation

    (Family History) Genetic History/ Genogram and Interpretation (25 points) Complete a family history from a client of your choosing. The following form can be found on the AMA website at

  • Waiting for answer pathophysiology case study

     Please read instruction clearly.  Stay with the person on case study , make the case study be about the  illness the patient is suffering from. no plagiarism. times roman ft 12. cited and referenced. Due on time and date requested. I need an A on this assignment.

  • Waiting for answer Nursing

    Module One (Week One): Part One Windshield Survey and Key Informant Interviews Please complete the following information on this template about the community you have selected. If you do not use this template there will be a 10- point grade penalty per assignment, and you will be required to re...

  • Waiting for answer Career Planning       Follow that rubric entirely. APA format 6th edition. Make sure your headings and categories are where they should be. APA 6th edition format needs to be used accurately and...

  • Waiting for answer Otitis media , Appendicitis,, Conjunctivitis in children

    Otitis media , Appendicitis,, Conjunctivitis in children  Brief Discusion s about above diseases can include Pathophysiology Epidemiology Physical exam findings Differential diagnoses and rationale Management plan to include diagnostic testing

  • Waiting for answer Amblyopia and strabismus in children

    Discuss about Amblyopia and strabismus in children Pathophysiology Epidemiology Physical exam findings Differential diagnoses and rationale Management plan to include diagnostic testing, medications if applicable, follow-up plans and referrals if needed

  • Waiting for answer need for tomorrow

    Overview: Your final project for this course will be a patient record analysis. You will apply the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology that you have developed during this course in a thorough review of existing patient information in the Final Project Patient File. Specifically, you w...

  • Waiting for answer Need for tomorrow

    Overview: This case study will help you practice analyzing a patient record, which will assist you in preparing for the final project. This case will focus specifically on endocrine and neural drug treatment. Prompt: Consider the following scenario: Bill, age 70, came to the examination accompanie...

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