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*Feedback (1) Company Introduction (see attachment) While you addressed your target market, I would have liked to have seen  you use more SEO research to draw your conclusions. Be careful not to  m

*Feedback (1) Company Introduction (see attachment) 

While you addressed your target market, I would have liked to have seen  you use more SEO research to draw your conclusions. Be careful not to  make assumptions, as their target audience may be different that it  appears on the surface of the website. With SEO, we let the number and  research be our guide. I have provided some great resources in the  classroom  “SEO Tips/Tools/Resources/Articles” discussion area. Be sure to  continue to find new resources in the next phases of your project to  expand the analysis and scope of your project. Excellent research is what separates an average analysis from an outstanding analysis. 

*FEEDBACK (2) EmiratesGroup (see attachment)

You provided an interesting on-page  optimization analysis and presented sound recommendations based on  research. As you continue with your project you will need to keep each  of these elements in mind, being sure that all of your decisions align  with your overall SEO strategy. The one area that I would have liked to have seen more research utilized  was how you found the keywords. Did you used outside programs to obtain  your results like Moz Tools, SEMRush, or SpyFu? How did you find these  results? If you are only looking at the website and using your personal  Google inquiries you need to expand your research with more insightful research. Continue to refine your ideas.

*FEEDBACK (3)Off Page Optimization

Great work utilizing various SEO tracking sites, this allows you to see the site through different lenses. You wouldn’t want to only use one source for all your analysis as you could miss something important. 

Make edits to attachment 1 & 2 based on feedback above. Then add all 3 attachment together and add Conclusion and Summary of Recommendations.

Conclusion and Summary of Recommendations.

Tying it All Together

Conclusion: Summarize what you believe to be the most  pressing challenges and opportunities for your client based on your  analysis.  Emphasize why it is you believe they would benefit from your  consulting firm's SEO services.  

Next Steps: What would you suggest as next steps in applying SEO to your client's website?

Prepare your Final Submission: Integrate parts of project and incorporate instructor comments. Be sure to include cover page and table of contents.

Page Length: 10 pages minimum in APA format (excluding title and references pages)

Your final assignment should be  proofread for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Remember to  follow APA guidelines (i.e. title page, double-spacing, in-text  citations and a reference page for all written assignments).

Your final paper should include 10  references from published, reliable sources. All references and  citations should conform with APA format.

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