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  I attached the part1 and part2 of the proposalPart 3: Proposal Presentation :Your presentation will include:· A title slide that includes your name and the title of the proposal· Definition of t

  I attached the part1 and part2 of the proposal

Part 3: Proposal Presentation :

Your presentation will include:

· A title slide that includes your name and the title of the proposal

· Definition of the problem/business need

o Give background information to help the reader understand the need for your proposal

· Proposal

o Your idea – make sure to include the who, what, when, where, and why here

o Give details on your approach and qualifications

o Give any needed market analysis here (i.e. what competitors are doing, how your proposal will compare, etc.)

· Implementation Plan/Timeline

o A visual timeline is recommended

· Budget/Initial Costs

o A table or chart is recommended

· The benefits of your solution

· Conclusion

o Restate your main points – tie them all together

· List of References (APA style)

Format Requirements:

· You must use Power Point

o Your PowerPoint should include visual information – not just clip art, but visuals that help the audience understand our ideas with ease

· No more than 10 slides (not including title slide and list of references)

· 6x6 guideline – no more than 6 bullets on a slide; no more than 6 words in a bullet

· 10 minutes MAXIMUM

· No notes!

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