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 Read and reply by agreeing or disagreeing with the discussion and why....Reply 1The modern way to clean is here with Celebrity Glass Cleaner starter bottle that includes one free three pack refill s

 Read and reply by agreeing or disagreeing with the discussion and why....

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The modern way to clean is here with Celebrity Glass Cleaner starter bottle that includes one free three pack refill solution and all you need is water. This Eco-friendly glass cleaner will have you observing yourself in any mirror without a smug nor fingerprint. You will be able to see straight through glass windows and tables. And your modern big screen television, latest computer electronics, and cellular device can be fingerprint free in just seconds. With its ammonia and alcohol-free formula, this product is not only safe for the entire family but also your pets. When empty, fill the bottle with water, pop in a concentrated pod refill, twist on the sprayer and you are ready to go. While conserving precious resources and reducing plastic waste in landfills, we’re able to offer high-performance, highly economical glass cleaner. Celebrity Glass Cleaner deliver ultra-concentrated cleaning chemistry in patented refill pods for use with reusable, recyclable bottles and sprayers designed to reduce the environmental impact of packaging used in conventional spray-cleaning products by conserving the resources required to produce and ship them.

Our Motto: We Love our community, United States, and our planet. Let’s keep plastic out of our Landfills!

Product Information:

1. Plastic in landfills reduction, conserves resources

2. Non-toxic, ammonia/alcohol-free no-streak formula cleans fingerprints and smudges

3. Removes smudges on granite, stainless steel, computer, LCD screens (apply to rag, then wipe surface), mirrors, Plexiglas, and windows

4. 3-pack solution mix

5. Ingredients: pH Buffers; Biodegradable Surfactants and Solvents; Fragrance; Colorant

My competitor is Jaws glass cleaner, just add water system sold on their website and in some local stores for the price of $4.99 starter bottle. Our starter bottle is retails at $3.99 in all major stores such as, but not limited to; Walmart, Target, and Family Dollar for the starter bottle. Their 2- pack solution is priced at $3.99 for 2-pack solution. Our product retails at $4.99 for a 3-pack solution for your convenience of not having to purchase as often.

Stop shipping water. It’s the right thing to do. (2018). Retrieved from

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When you are pitching a green product, you must info the costumer that it is all natural and it is a service that is environmentally friends and made with no pesticide, this is manufactured is a sustainable fashion, not containing toxic or ozone-depleting substances, able to be recycled and or is made from recycle material. Such as bamboo. The product that we are looking to sell   is called ECO-EGG laundry egg this is contains two types of pellets: tourmaline ceramic pellets that will weaken the bond between dirt and your clothes this product will was 720 washes and is the test that was taken has no harsh chemicals and is perfect for babies or people that have sensitive skin. So by using this product you save money by not buying as many chemical to get into you water stream or even on you clothes plus it helps save you money.

 I know your saying there are so many products that are using the same thing but what this product has that no one else has your egg that they use is reusable and that takes all the paper that is beening washed and its do simple that you elderly parents can use this. This product helps you not have overload in the machine and have a mess everywhere, each fill is make just for the egg and your machine. Some of the benefit to using Ecoegg it lasts up to 720 loads, cost approx. 13 cents per wash, save money, no harsh chemicals, safe for use with fabric softener, begins to work in 60 degrees, works great in cold wash, you don’t need to recharge like the bio ball, and it works and is proven by an independent laboratory


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