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(TCO 10) The _____ believe that Tiger Wood's achievements are primarily due to his innate athletic abilities. (Points :

1. (TCO 10) The _____ believe that Tiger Wood's achievements are primarily due to his innate athletic abilities. (Points : 5)developmentalistsnaturistsnurturistsfundamentalists2. (TCO 10 ) During the embryonic stage, growth is proximodistal, which means that _________. (Points : 5)the legs develop before the headthe arms develops before the headthe head develops before the armsthe placenta develops before the head 3. (TCO 10 ) Exposure to x-rays during prenatal development is known to lead to _________. (Points : 5)cancerhyperactivityinhibition of bone growthdeafness 4. (TCO 10 ) Studies indicate ____ is well developed at birth. (Points : 5)visionhearingtastefine motor control 5. (TCO 10 ) This is NOT a normal consequence of aging. (Points : 5)widespread death of neuronsa decline in the speed of recall and retrievala decline in visual and auditory acuitya decline in depth perception 6. (TCO 10 ) According to Ainsworth's research using the strange situation procedure, _____ infants used the mother as a safe base from which to explore the environment. (Points : 5)maternally basedsecurely attachedanxious/ambivalentnonagoraphobic 7. (TCO 10 ) During the preconventional level of moral development _____. (Points : 5)moral judgment is not self-centeredright equals what feels rewarding and gets punishedthere is no acceptance of society's rule-making processesthere is acceptance of society's rule-making processes 8. (TCO 10 ) According to Erikson's theory, the dominant crisis of adolescence concerns _____. (Points : 5)resolving sexual conflictsestablishing an identitydeciding on life goalsmaking a place for oneself in adult society 9. (TCO 10) Women's unrealistic expectations about marriage tend to stem from _________. (Points : 5)what they see on televisionmyths about marriagetheir parents' marital relationshipthe personality of their spouse 10. (TCO 10 ) ___________ is a key ingredient to a fulfilling old age. (Points : 5)Prolonged sexual activityContinued family supportLack of money problemsActive involvement

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