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(TCOs 1, 2, and 4) You currently volunteer at the local community center and have been asked to assist in the coordination of a fundraiser art show...

3. (TCOs 1, 2, and 4) You currently volunteer at the local community center and have been asked to assist in the coordination of a fundraiser art show auction to benefit the center. You have been tasked with developing a spreadsheet to track the attendees and to calculate the associated cost. Each donor is allowed to bring one guest to the art show. There is capacity for 100 donors plus guest. The spreadsheet needs to be set up when the invitations are distributed so that you can begin recording the reservations as soon as they come in.The cost of the art show auction is not the same for the donor and the guest. The charge for the donor is $50, and the charge for a guest is $45. When the donor responds that he or she plans to attend, you want to add his or her name to the list. If they do not plan to attend, then his or her name is not recorded. Respond fully to the following questions regarding this task:A - (TCO 1) Explain how you will structure your worksheet, including the titles, column headings, the formulas to calculate the cost for each donor (which may include the cost for a guest, and to calculate the total cost for the art show auction).B - (TCO 2) The facility where the art show auction is to be held will give the company a reduction in price if more than 50 people attend. The price per donor will then be $45 and per guest will be $40. Describe how you will set up your worksheet to reflect a change when the total number of attendees hits 50.C - (TCO 4) You want the donors who are going to attend and bring a guest to show on the list with a green background. Explain the method you would use to have this automatically occur when you indicate the employee's response.D - (TCO 4) You know that the community cent management team will want to periodically check to see who is attending. They will want the list to separate the donors coming alone and those bringing guests. Explain how you might generate this list as requested using your knowledge of Excel.4. (TCOs 1, 3, and 5) You have just been hired as a bookkeeper for South Beach Rentals. South Beach Rentals, rents beach chairs and umbrellas in sets in the Miami South Beach Area. There are several packages based on the size of the umbrella. The first package consists of two chairs and one regular size umbrella and rents for $60 dollars for 4 hours or $100 dollars for the day. The second package includes two chairs and larger umbrella and rents for $75 dollars for 4 hours or $125 for the full day. In addition you rent additional chairs for $20 for 4 hours or $35 for the day. These can be added to any package. The company offers these packages at three different beachfront hotels. Each hotel has a different charge for using the beachfront property as a rental facility. Hotel 1 charges a flat rate of $100 a day, regardless of how much business you have. Hotel 2 charges $5 per half-day rental and $10 for a full day. Hotel 3 charges $75 a day, regardless of how much business you have.As the bookkeeper, you will be responsible for the financial records of the company. You will be recording the number of rentals, types of rentals, and charges for each location. Respond fully to the following questions regarding this task:A - (TCO 1) You have decided to develop a worksheet for each hotel site manager to submit each week. It should show total rentals and cost for the week. If the hotel costs exceed the rentals, this should appear on the spreadsheet as a loss and be formatted in red font.B - (TCO 5) The managers will e-mail their weekly reports to you on Monday of the following week. You will then produce the summary report. Explain the process for doing this. Give a sample formula to total the number of sales generated by the entire company in a week.C - (TCO 5) Each week, you will present the combined report to your boss, who wants to see both the summary and the individual sheets for each hotel location. You want to add a header with the date and your name to each page. What is the easiest way to do this? Explain the process.D - (TCO 3) Describe the chart that you would create to accompany the report in Part C. Include formatting considerations to make important facts stand out.5. (TCOs 2 and 10) Investment and Savings Company presently employs you as a new account specialist. The bank has begun a new marketing campaign aimed at helping the customers grow their savings account balance. The goal of the campaign is to provide the customers with an importunity to have a dollar transferred into their savings for every transaction they complete. As a new account specialist you are dedicated in building long-term relationships with your clients, and you want to be able to answer their questions quickly if they call after receiving the promotional information.You process new savings account requests for the customers. The interest rate is fixed by the bank, but varies based on the amount deposited. The interest is paid monthly. The biggest challenge you face is teaching customers the time value of money. Respond fully to the following questions regarding this task:A - (TCO 2) You have decided to create a spreadsheet that will show the customers how much value their money can earn over time. It is set up so that you enter the amount of deposit, and it finds and returns the correct interest rate. Based on this the spreadsheet, return the future value of the deposit amount and you are able to quickly tell the customer the future value of a deposit made today. Describe the Excel tools used for these tasks, and the information required to obtain the future value of the deposit.B - (TCO 10) You would like to build a list of customers who have opened a savings account. You know that this list will grow over time. However, you would like to start by adding the customer's personal information and account information. You want to be able to pull up a customer's account information by either their home address, or by phone number. Although this can be done using Excel, your IT department has recommended using a database such as Microsoft Access. What would be the benefit of doing this with a database instead of a spreadsheet? Would this meet your needs?C - (TCO 10) You want to use the Access form wizard to create an input form for your list. Describe the process of creating the form, and the special tools you might use to make it easier to use and less prone to errors.D - (TCO 10) You have decided that you would like to be able to pull a list of your clients with the largest balances in the savings account and attempt to get them to open an investment account. Explain how you would obtain a list of accounts with the highest balances and then print the information for your use in making these calls.

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