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0 Develop a typed paper (1-2 pages, 1 1/z spaced, Times Roman font) that answers the following questions tells the story in an efficient manner. 0...

Hi there, I need help on writing a movie review based on a couple questions. The movie name is "The Kite Runner". I attached the questions that need to be answer in the review.

Book or Movie Review For this assignment pick a book or film depicting aculture that is affected by world events, experiences,or individuals that have made an impact on ourworld. This is a broad category, if you need to checkwith your instructor to make sure the book or movie is appropriate, please feel free to do so. 0 Develop a typed paper (1-2 pages, 1 1/zspaced, Times Roman font) that answersthe following questions tells the story in anefficient manner. 0 Consider:a. Was the person/persons in the culture portrayed in apositive or negative light?Describe. b. How did you feel about theway the character(s) wasdepicted? Explain. c. After seeing the film orreading the book, do youbelieve audiences orreaders come away havinga better understanding ofthe culture and thechallenges it presents?Why or why not?
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