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1.) A standing wave measures 0.25 m between nodes and its frequency is 1500 Hz. What is the standing wave's speed?

1.) A standing wave measures 0.25 m between nodes and its frequency is 1500 Hz. What is the standing wave's speed?

a.) 380 m/s

b.) 750 m/s

c.) 1500 m/s  

2.) Determine the field strength, E, experienced by a test charge, q, if a charge of 9.8 x 10^-6 coulombs is placed on q and a force of 10.8 N is applied.

a.) 1.3 x 105

b.)1.1 x 106

c.)2.2 x 106

d.)3.3 x 106

3.) Two tuning forks, 492 Hz and 498 Hz, are struck simultaneously. How many beats will be heard?

a.)  none

b.) 2.00 beats

c.) 4.00 beats

d.) 6.00 beats

4.) If a nichrome wire has a resistance of 15Ω and is connected across the terminals of a 3.0 V flashlight battery, how much current is in the wire?

a.) 1.0 amps

b.) 5.0 amps

c.) 7.5 amps

d.) 0.20 amps

5.)A sample of ethyl alcohol and a sample of aluminum have the same mass. Which sample absorbs more energy as it is heated from 25° C to 56° C?

cethanol = 0.58 kcal/kg °C and caluminum = 0.22 kcal/kg °C

a.) ethyl alcohol

b.) aluminum

6.)A 69.5 kg runner is moving at a constant speed of 8.00 m/s around a circular track. If the distance from the runner to the center of the track is 28.2 m, what is the centripetal force needed to keep the runner in circular motion?

a.) 2.27 N

b.) 19.7 N

c.) 158 N

7.) If two waves are traveling toward each other, one with an amplitude of +4 m amplitude and another with a -4 m amplitude, what is the amplitude of the new wave?

a.) 0 cm

b.) 2 cm

c.) 4 cm

d.) 8 cm

8.)As light shines from air to water, the index of refraction is 1.02 and the angle of incidence is 38.0 °. What is the light's angle of refraction?

a.) 39.8°

b.) 37.1°

c.) 29.8°

d.) 32.5°

9.) Subtract the following numbers, using scientific notation and the correct number of significant digits.

6.94 × 10^3 mm - 4.5 × 10^2 mm = _____.

a.) 2.4 × 10^3 mm

b.) 2.44 × 10^2mm

c.) 6.49 × 10^3 mm

d.) 6.5 × 10^3 mm

10.) What is the mechanical energy of a 100 kg go-cart moving at the speed of 5 m/s at the top of a hill that is 30 m high?

a.) 1250 J

b.) 4905 J

c.) 29,400 J

d.) 30,650 J

11.) A 75,000-watt radio station transmits at 88 MHz. Determine the number of joules transmitted per second.

a.) 88 J/s

b.) 8800 J/s

c.) 2,000,000 J/s

d.) 75,000 J/s

12.) A shopper is in the supermarket and pushes a cart with a force of 35.0 N for 75.0 m before reaching the end of the aisle. What work did the shopper do?

a.) 0 J

b.) 2630 J

c.)2625 J

13.) If a light ray enters one medium from another along that normal, what is the angle of refraction?

a.) 0

b.) 90°

c.) equal to the critical angle

d.) depends on the indexes of refraction of the two media

14.) A green light emits light with a wavelength of 5.10 x 10-7 m.

Use Planck's equation to calculate the energy of a single photon with the given wavelength.

a.) 1.13 x 10^-48 J

b.) 1.01 x 10^-31 J

c.) 3.98 x 10^-19 J

15.) An echo is heard 5.00 s from the initial sound and the air temperature is 25.0 °C. How far away is the barrier that reflected the sound? (Remember the rules of addition and multiplication.)

a.) 1720 m

b.) 1730 m

c.) 858 m

d.) 865 m

16.) A 60-µf capacitor has a potential difference of 15 V across it. Its charge is _____.

a.) 4 C

b.) 9 C

c.) 90 C

d.) 900 C

17.) If a 4Ω resistor, an 8Ω resistor, and a 12Ω resistor are connected in series, which resistor has the most current in it?

a.) 4

b.) 8

c.) 12

d.) They all have the same current.

18.) What is the speed of sound in air at 38.0 °C?

19.) A plant box falls from the windowsill 25.0 m above the sidewalk and hits the cement 3.0 s later. What is the box's velocity when it hits the ground?

a.) 24 m/s

b.) 22 m/s

c.) 120 m/s

20.) Calculate the energy in electron volts of X-rays that have a frequency of 6.00 x 1016 Hz.

a.) 207 eV

b.) 228 eV

c.) 249 eV

21.) A 62.0 kg water skier at rest jumps from the dock into a 775 kg boat at rest on the east side of the dock. If the velocity of the skier is 4.50 m/s as she leaves the dock, what is the final velocity of the skier and boat?

a.) 2.78 m/s to the east

b.) 2.78 m/s to the west

c.) 0.360 to the west

d.) 0.360 to the east

22.) A lineman on a football team with a mass of 120 kg hits a sled going at a speed of 8.0 m/s. What is the lineman's momentum?

23.) A screwdriver is a lever with an input arm of 15 cm and an output arm of 2.5 cm. If it takes 50 N of force to open a can of paint the lid of which provides a resistance force of 250 N, what is the AMA of the screwdriver?

a.) 0.20

b.) 1

c.) 3

d.) 5

e.) 6

24.) Photoelectrons with a maximum speed of 8.00 _ 106 m/s are ejected from a surface in the presence of light with a frequency of 6.32 _ 1014Hz. If the mass of an electron is 9.10 _ 10-31 kg, calculate in joules the maximum kinetic energy of a single electron.

a.) 3.64 x 10-24 J

b.) 2.88 x 10-16 J

c.) 5.82 x 10-17 J

d.) 2.91 x 10-17 J

25.) What is the kinetic energy of an 8.0 x 104 kg airplane flying at 600.0 km/h?

a.) 1.44 x 1010 J

b.) 2.9 x 1010 J

c.) 2.2 x 109

d.) 1.1 x 109 J

26.) If an element has an atomic mass (A) of 209 and an atomic number (Z) of 83, how many neutrons does it have?

a.) 209

b.) 83

c.) 82

d.) 126

27.) A truck has a mass of 1.5 x 104 kg. If the truck can reach a maximum acceleration of 1.5 m/s2, what is the net force the truck exerts?

a.) 2.25 x 105 N

b.) 2.25 x 104 N

c.) 2.3 x 104 N

d.) 2.3 x 105 N

28.) Determine the potential difference between two charged parallel plates that are 0.50 cm apart and have an electric field strength of 9.0 V/cm.

a.) 0.56 V

b.) 1.2 V

c.) 3.6 V

d.) 4.5 V

29.) A boat is crossing a lake, travelling at 23 km/h to the south. The wind is blowing at 10 km/h from the south. What is the boat's velocity?

30.) Find the conductivity of a conduit with a cross-sectional area of 0.750 cm2 and a length of 15.0 cm, given that its conductance G is 0.500 ohm-1.

a.) 10.0 ohm-1

b.) 18 ohm-1 cm-1

c.) 5.0 ohm-1 cm-1

d.) 2.0 ohm-1 cm-1

31.) A green light emits light with a wavelength of 5.10 x 10-7 m.

Calculate the frequency of the green light.

a) 1.70 x 10-15 Hz

b.) 6.00 x 1014 Hz

c.) 153 Hz

32.) Calculate the current in a 48Ω resistor when a potential difference of 330 V is placed across it.

a.) 0.15 amps

b.) 6.9 amps

c.) 8.8 amps

33.) A 75,000-watt radio station transmits at 88 MHz. Calculate the energy of a single photon at the transmitted frequency.

a.) 5.8 x 10-32 J/photon

b.) 5.8 x 10-26 J/photon

c.) 5.0x 10-29 J/photon

34.) How long does a car with an acceleration of 2 m/s2 take to go from 15 m/s to 35 m/s?

a.) 10 s

b.) 20 s

c.) 40 s

d.) 400 s

35.) Calculate the electrical energy expended in a device across which the circuit voltage drops by 30.0 volts in moving a charge of 2 coulombs.

a.) 60 J

b.) 15 J

c.) .07 J

36) .Compute the resistance in ohms of a silver block 10.0 cm long and 0.25 cm2 in cross sectional area. (ρ = 1.63 x 10-6ohm-cm)

a.) 2.44 x 10-6 ohms

b.) 6.1 x 10-5 ohms

c.) 6.5 x 10-5 ohms

d.) 4.1 x 10-8 ohms

1.) A standing wave measures 0.25 m between nodes and its frequency is 1500 Hz. What is the standing wave's speed?b.) 750 m/s 2.) Determine the field strength, E, experienced by a test charge, q,...
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