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CJ 790 3-2 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric Overview: The literature

                                                            CJ 790 3-2 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric Overview: The literature review is a crucial element in the decision-making process. Criminal justice professionals will develop an initial response to the problem they have defined. Then, during the literature review phase, they will research the methods used for similar cases. During the course of their literature review, professionals will either gather information that supports their initial response or explore other avenues to a solution while producing socially and ethically responsible data.  

Your capstone will be graded with the holistic rubric included below. The rubric will be used to grade all components of your capstone project together and create one grade. In this capstone project, you are working toward proficiency in the program outcomes. The “Possible Indicators of Success” are some ways you can demonstrate that you have met the program outcomes. The milestones in this course are drafts of different sections of your capstone project, and you can work on them to receive feedback on how you are progressing toward meeting the outcomes. Your milestone submissions address different outcomes, but your final submission of all three components will show your general proficiency in the program outcomes. 

Prompt: You will submit the literature review, which should include the critical elements below. These elements will demonstrate your progress toward meeting the course outcomes.​

III. Literature Review: Use relevant scholarly bodies of work to perform a brief and systematic literature review. You will research how the criminal justice issue that you identified has been addressed historically, and what is currently being done to address it in other communities. You should refer to criminological theories as well as the best practices used by other agencies. The outline of your literature review will should include the following: 

A. Identify two or three possible solutions to the issue that you are researching, along with your reasoning for focusing on those approaches. 

B. Methodology: Explain your search strategy and the selection criteria adopted for this review, and provide descriptions of the types of research reviewed. 

C. Summarize the main findings of your research.

D. Draw conclusions about which approach is the most appropriate for solving the issue in your selected city.​


Guidelines for Submission: Your literature review should be a 5–7 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, and APA formatting.  ​

 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document for more details.

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