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1 pg- University Culture Exercise

Exercise: University Culture

The purpose of this exercise is to explore how organizational culture is transmitted through observable artifacts. The college used will be Texas A&M Central Texas( TAMUCT), and the classes taken are all online. Each question (total of 2) must have 2 complete and fully proofread paragraphs (total of 4 paragraphs). Use the following steps:

Question 1- Using the following table, consider the observable artifacts that transmit the organizational culture.

Question 2- Consider the sorts of values listed in the table. If you consider the symbols, physical structures, languages, stories, rituals, and ceremonies identified in step 1, what core values seem to summarize your universities culture? Using a transparency, laptop, or board, list the ones value that seems to be most central to your university’s culture. Then list the three cultural artifacts that are most responsible for transmitting that core value. 

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