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In this assignment, you will use Microsoft Access to generate reports using query. Please pay attention to every criteria when you do the selection. You can get the full credit only if everything is correct (Both the queries and the results). Please show and only show all the attributes listed in brackets in the same order, missing or unexpected attributes or criteria will cause you lose points. Import the data (DBHW1.xls) into MS Access and answer the following questions:

1. Generate a report showing the [order ID, order date, customer name, and the product subcategory] of all high priority orders shipped by express air in the year of 2011. (Hint: representing date: #3/12/2016#)

2. Generate a report showing the [product category, shipping cost, product container, and sales] for the top 5 largest sales (Hint: rank by sales and then only show the top 5).

3. Generate a report showing the [region, customer segment, profit, and shipment mode] for all furniture (product category) items in the region of “Nunavut”.

4. Generate a report showing the total [profits] of technology products (product category) shipped with “critical” and “high” priorities.

5. By using parameter query, generate reports that indicate [sales, profit, customer segment, and product category] for all high priority orders shipped by regular air containing “furniture” and “technology” (product category) with the profit greater than 1000 in home office. (Hint: parameter query for “or”: [] or []).

Submission Instructions

1. Make a screen shot (using snipping tool, alt+ctrl+prt sc, etc.) of each query form.

2. Combine all screen shots and reports into a single PDF file and label it “DB1”. 

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