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1) Using Quincy, write a C program that will use a prompt (it will print out a line to ask the user) to input 4 numbers into 4 integer variables...

Please help me with these C program questions (1-7)!  

.....Now enter your C program into Quincy, and run it. You could encounter two aspects where corrections need to be made. First, it is possible that the quick GA check might not catch all of any logic errors you might have created (programming which simply does not make sense or does not properly cover the requirements the program is supposed to address); such errors are much easier to spot once the code is actually in the machine. Second, although your coding on paper might be fine, you may have introduced syntax errors as you typed in the program. Removing both kinds of errors is known as "debugging", and you will almost certainly need to "debug" your program. Programs without bugs are rarely, if ever, produced as a first attempt - and certainly not once a certain level of complexity is present.

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