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113 Which statistics offer robust (resistant to outliers) measures of center?

113 Which statistics offer robust (resistant to outliers) measures of center?A. Mean, midrange, mode.B. Median, midhinge, trimmed mean.C. Trimmed mean, midrange, midhinge.D. Mean, mode, quartiles.  

114.John scored 35 on Prof. Johnson's exam (Q1 = 70 and Q3 = 80). Based on the fences, which iscorrect?A. John is unusual but not an outlier.B. John is an outlier.C. John is neither unusual nor an outlier.D. John is in the 30th percentile.

115.Which best exemplifies the classical definition of probability?A. The probability that a male age 50 will have an accident in a week's car rental at AlamoB. The probability that a pair of dice will come up 7 when they are rolledC. The probability that the winter Olympic games will be held in Europe in 2022D. The probability that a checked bag on Flight 1872 will weigh more than 30 pounds

116.Which variable is least likely to be regarded as ratio data?A. Length of time required for a randomly chosen vehicle to cross a toll bridge (minutes)B. Weight of a randomly chosen student (pounds)C. Number of fatalities in a randomly chosen traffic disaster (persons)D. Student's evaluation of a professor's teaching (Likert scale)117.Before deciding whether to assess heavy fines against noisy airlines, which sampling methodwould the Federal Aviation Administration probably use to measure the peak noise fromdeparting jets as measured by a ground-level observer at a point one mile from the end of thedeparture runway?A. Radio survey of pilots.B. Simple random sample.C. Judgment sample.D. Stratified sample.

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