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2A apply? Why/why not (Do not address other ARTICLES in the UCC Just Article 2 amp; 2A) Oral or Written Contract Was there a breach of the contract?...

We enter contracts all day long (and sometimes don't even realize it).   If we buy gas, we have entered a contract.  If we hit "I accept" or "I agree" online we have entered an online contract with some website.   If we buy fast food, we have entered a contract.  If we pay for groceries, we have entered a contract.   In our readings for this week we address the various types of contracts.   Also note that Article 2 of the Uniformed Commercial Code applies to the sale of goods (not services).  Article 2a of the UCC applies to leases of goods (not services).  

Fill out the attached chart completely and upload it.  It requires you to list 10 contracts you have entered into in the last 30 days.  You may think you have not entered into any contracts over the last 30 days--but you have entered into 100s but you don't realize it.   

Please refer to your readings as to what each box's terms mean so you can adequately fill it out with your contract experiences over the last 30 days.  

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