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3 separate papers

 *Three seperate papers** Due as soon as possible*  Thank you.*

1.)Data Warehouses and Data Marts (IS)

Write a one-to two-page (250-450 word) paper that discusses the differences between data warehouses and data marts

Also,discuss how organizations can use data warehouses and data marts to acquire data.You must use the  Online Library to locate at least two sources for your paper


APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed

.2.)Apprenticeship Proposal (Training and Development)

   Use the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration website and find the area on Registered Apprenticeship. Explore the Employers section.Based on the information found here, create an apprenticeship proposal for a position in the company you work for or wish to work for.In your apprenticeship,make sure to include specific skills the apprentice will be learning, the modeling and practice techniques that will be used, and the feedback process that will be incorporated (both informal and formal).Explain how many hours per week the apprentice will work, and how long the entire apprenticeship should take.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your apprenticeship program.

   Use Microsoft Word to create your proposal. The proposal should be between two to three pages in length,and all sources used need to be cited according to APA format

3.)Article Review (E-comm) This assignment provides you with an opportunity to read an article about a current security threat (or attack) while also examining how security measures impact the customer experience. Within the online library, locate an article that describes a recent security threat (or attack) onan e-commerce site. Choose a threat or attack that occurred within thelast 10 years. Read the article, and then draft a two-page paper to address each of the following:

     -Briefly describe the threat (or attack).

     -Briefly describe the type of e-commerce.

     -Could the threat have been prevented by utilizing the steps of the security life cycle model? Why,or why not?

     -Does the e-commerce sacrifice any form of customer service by implement

ing security measures? Explain.

      -Visit the e-commerce site for a brief moment. As a consumer, did you feel that your information and/or any exchange of funds would be secure? Explain your initial impression

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