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William Shell


The research and writing process consists of choosing a topic, conducting research, determining methodology, constructing an outline, forming arguments, citing sources and finally, writing the paper (Elements of a Successful Research Paper, 2017, para. 1).  There are components within the paper including the title, introduction, methodology, discussion, conclusion and the reference page.  But, the key element in all of this work is choosing a topic. 

A topic should be relevant and of interest to the researcher.  As the beginning of the research and writing project, the topic will set the tone.  The topic will not only guide the research, but the topic will dictate methodology, the arguments and the sources.  Additionally, the topic will serve the researcher as the inspiration to work on the paper when all else fails.  In the end, the topic is also what the researcher will base the conclusion on, to finally answer the question posed from the topic.

Coming up with an interesting topic is not all that difficult, depending on the subject of the class.  Homeland Security classes are relatively easy as there are many subjects and areas of interest that are older, but there are always new challenges to explore.  For me, the most difficult key element is in breaking down the questions into a proper thesis statement.  This process is difficult simply because it is necessary to derive a thesis that stays on point with the topic, but still controls the ideas within the paper.  Often, topics will have many avenues to explore and deriving a thesis can cause me to get off topic if I am not careful.  There is probably not much that can be done to “breeze” through an assignment.  Typically, if the topic is one that interest me and I can break it down into three good research questions, then the rest is a breeze.  I have not yet found a technique, other than writing out my thoughts in a brainstorming session.  Writing out ideas as they come to me until those thoughts gel into three main research questions is my best technique.  One last note to consider, the stress of writing a paper is best alleviated by planning ahead and working early.  Waiting to the last minute will always add undue stress to any project.




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Jason Tipton

I believe that the key elements of any research process starts out with first identifying the topic or question that is being researched. When we fully understand what it is we are researching we will go in the right direction and save valuable time. After we establish a clear understanding of the research topic next is finding the right information pertaining to the topic. Finding credible information is a must when conducting research, using unacceptable sources would undermine the entire work.Once we have found and vetted credible information on our research topic the construction phase begins.During this step the rough draft of a research paper is constructed. The next step would be going over to construct a final draft of the research paper,during this spelling and grammar mistakes will be corrected while ensuring that the paper has an appropriate flow.

In my experience the elements that came relatively easy consisted of fully understanding the topic and using an appropriate flow of the entire paper. Choosing a topic pertaining to something that is engaging and of interest in the field of homeland security is relatively easy. The broad spectrum covered in this field is layered with complex and interesting topics of research. With that being said the elements that I have struggled with comes down to the revision process of my rough draft as well as finding vetted information prudent to my topic. I find myself overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of information on any given topic, this has required some extra work. I also seem to struggle with my mind going faster than I can write, I usually can correct this with one or two revisions. Even though I struggle with those aspects I believe they have made me a better researcher, requiring me to work harder has improved my ability. 

In the remainder of my degree program I will continue to give every assignment 100% effort, weather I struggle with the assignment  or not. It seems that after each class I have a new set of skills that make the next one just a little easier. When it comes to stress I try not to let it effect any of my work. One thing that has really helped me is not procrastinating, when I have an assignment due I start as soon as possible. 


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