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A phospholipid molecule can best be described as having a _____. hydrophobic head that is repelled by water b. hydrophobic tail that is repelled by...

A phospholipid molecule can best be described as having a _____.

How do proteins move through the membrane in the fluid mosaic model of the lipid bilayer?

What is the key characteristic of a hydrophobic core of a lipid that makes it act like a two-dimensional fluid, or liquid crystal?

The ability of a plasma membrane to transport substances decreases as what else decreases?

Where are sugars added to proteins to form glycoproteins?

What are the two types of transport membrane proteins?

Which statement best describes the effect of temperature on diffusion?

After boiling a potato in salty water, the potato tastes salty. This occurs because of what process?

What mechanism is used to transport glucose using the concentration gradient generated by the ATP-requiring sodium-potassium pump?

Which transport mechanism is used to engulf large particles through a membrane?

a. phagocytosis

b. indirect transport

c. exocytosis

d. pinocytosis

e. passive transport

What is the overall purpose of a tight junction?

The process of moving against the concentration gradient is called ______.

a. facilitated diffusion

b. osmosis

c. passive transport

d. active transport

e. simple diffusion

Some proteins act as a catalyst within the cell membrane, which means the protein _____.

Which type of junction allows communication between cells and involves the linking of cytoplasms of adjacent cells for communication between cells?

What unique property do plant cells have when osmosis transports water into the cell vacuoles that animal cells do not?

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