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A website of your choice of the following topics:

I need help with this: A website of your choice of the following topics:

  1. You and your portfolio / resume
  2. A geographical place
  3. A real, planned, or hypothetical business
  4. A research topic of your choosing, but email instructor for approval
  5. A topic not listed here, but email instructor for approval

You are in charge of design, layout, navigation, and content.

The requirements are:

  1. Include a brief project plan
  • Site Name
  • Site Purpose
  • Audience (who is this site intended for)
  • Description of pages and navigation
  1. A minimum of a few pages plus at least two forms (contact, order, survey) all pages linked together
  2. Each page must have at least one image
  3. At least 2 tables with appropriate 2 column data (dates, places, ranking, etc.)
  4. At least 3 lists, 1 ordered, 1 unordered and 1 description list
  5. At least 3 CSS files. 1 general, 1 for tables, and one for forms
  6. At least one validated form
  7. Use proper html elements: At least use: nav, section, aside, article, fieldset, header, footer, address
  8. Include proper comments
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