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ACC 375 Week 3 DQs

This work - ACC 375 Week 3 Discussion Questions includes:

Review the case study Just Because It’s Legal, Is It Ethical in Perspectives in Business Ethics. How might bankruptcy law provide an outlet for unethical behavior?

Consider the topic of air pollution. Discuss whether a business should go beyond what the law requires. How might a company be rewarded or punished for making an ethical or unethical decision?

Review the case study It Seems Right in Theory but Does It Work in Practice?” in Perspectives in Business Ethics. How is ethical theory applied in practice?

Review the case study Where and Why Did Business Ethicists Go Wrong? The Case of Dow Corning Corporation” in Perspectives in Business Ethics. What are some ethical and legal issues Dow Corning faced in considering filing for bankruptcy?

What is meant by the term skimming? How can a company detect if skimming is occurring? What is meant by the term lapping? How might an employee use lapping to conceal skimming?

What are the three types of billing schemes? What type of proactive test is used to detect these schemes?

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