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 please read all the information correctly before you begin doing the assignment.  it is very important that you read the instruction correctly.  the first upload a file is the assignment Rebics and destruction.  the second upload a file is the SL accounting cycle that you will need to complete the assignment.  that their upload a file  is the assignment is self that needs to be done.

    Interpret financial statements for informing business decisions  Analyze how core accounting principles support responsible practices throughout the accounting cycle  Prompt Your dog, Peyton, has severe allergies and cannot have the usual store-bought dog treats. You have been making homemade treats for him that are all-natural and hypoallergenic. Over the past year, you have been making and selling these treats out of your home and have been quite successful. You now have an opportunity to open your own dog treat bakery. You have decided on a corporate form of business and have named your company Peyton Approved.  During Part I of the final project, you were asked to follow the business transactions for your company for a three-month period from the first step of the accounting cycle through the reporting process. Now you will use this information to compose a memorandum to the bank detailing the results of operations as communicated in the financial statements, as supporting documentation for a request for funding to expand Peyton Approved.  Use your completed workbook from Part I to prepare your memo. Be sure to include an overview of the company’s accounting system, a discussion of the results of operations, and opportunities for the company to improve its profitability

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