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Accounting M1

Q1-1: Stewardship is an important concept because of: (Points : 2)       The importance of the quality of decisions by small business owners       The need to increase shareholder wealth       The separation of ownership from management       The need to recognize the importance of all stakeholders

This is the 2nd part of the Module 1 assignment please

M2 Project Approval Input

In Module 1 you reviewed an overview of the Course Project, which is due in Module 5. As the project is worth 50% of your grade, you should now have an idea of what your project will entail based on the guidelines.

In this module, you will finish your company and project selection and you will submit your idea to your instructor for approval. Please complete the Project Approval Input linked below by Wednesday, July 26, 2017. This approval form will be reviewed by your instructor who will provide comments as needed. The approval can be submitted as many times as necessary to earn the full credit of 30 points. You cannot submit your final project without this approval.

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