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Admissions Essay

Hello, this is my admission letter into culinary school. I need this essay to be sugar coated into getting me in the door. I want this essay to show my interest in the major and that its well thought out and searched, Should be to the point and organized.

Cooking has been both a hobby and a passion that I have had for the past 3 years since I moved to the United States. I have developed my hobby by reading about nutrition and cooking recipes. Therefor I have chosen to pursuit a culinary career in the Art institute. Ect ..

I was looking for the best rated culinary schools in Los Angeles and came across this prestigious school with a great reputation. I saw that the most major that interested me is The Art of Cooking. I saw that this school gives the students hands on exigence with great chiefs as our professors. Studding at this school will help me elevate my skills because of its elaborated efficient course work in the curriculum. They offer the techniques needed to make any kind of eatable dish and beverages. They teach us how to prevent complications with their safety classes. I will also be getting the fundamentals of business management, so that I could open up a restaurant for myself. They will cover nutrition and what kind of technology is needed to make dishes in a fast and professional way. Ect…

10 years from today I will own a restaurant that holds the greatest reputation in its taste and food presentations, it will also have great ambiance. Ect…

I haven’t had a close mentor but I have always had “good hands” as everyone enjoys my home made meals. I have started cooking 3 years ago since I have moved to the U.S. I used to live in Saudi Arabia with my family and gotten used to the home made food so when I moved here I couldn’t adjust to the fast food lifestyle and cooking at home is much cheaper therefor I learnt fast and started to care more about the nutritional aspects of my dishes. While shopping at the grocery story I started to read the labels. Ect ..

I might face difficulties with the kitchen pressure and fast track past of everyone, but I will try to overcome this by practicing at home the different techniques which was obtained during my lessons. Ect ..

My mother will cover my financially. Ect ..

I value education because I believe that with knowledge you will reach and I am also a visual learner and will benefit from this system.  Ect ..

I did my previous degree in Graphic Design and I love making home events and going to them so that I can gain all the experience I need to create my business. Ect ..

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