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advance business writing

Your third assignment in WRTG 394 involves making a proposal about the topic for your research report. You should focus on the following as you prepare your report:

1) Being specific - your assignment directions (located in the assignment area of the classroom) give you good examples of ways in which you can make sure that you are proposing a solution to a specific problem. You must answer the question, "How will MY workplace or community (this should be narrowly defined as your neighborhood, apartment community, base housing community, etc.) be made better by the solution(s) I recommend?"

2) Identify a specific decision maker (or makers if, for example, you are proposing a solution to a workplace issue in your department that might require action by the HR director as well as your dept. head). Examples of such persons might be your apartment community manager, the director of base housing where you are stationed, your department head in your workplace, your commander for your military unit.

3) Use some primary research - interviews with co-workers, photographs showing a problem like the need for recycling or going to a paperless office, screen captures showing the large numbers of emails employees must deal with on a daily basis.

4) Use a visual of some kind - you could make a simple table, chart or graph (your own original creation, not simply copied from a secondary source such as a book or article or photographs (see above for examples).

This assignment can be invaluable to you in preparing for your research report. Note what the assignment directions say:

You will find that writing up the proposal will be invaluable in eventually putting together your final research-based report. You will be able to apply the scholarly research you conducted for writing assignment #2 to your specific proposal and evidence of the problem that you have gathered for writing assignment #3.

For this topic you should post the following:

1) a paragraph in which you describe the topic you are proposing and the audience (the decision maker(s) mentioned above;

2) a sample of your visual (this can be revised and improved as you eventually compose the research report).

Respond to at least one classmate's post.

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