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AED 204 Week 8 Assignment Creating an At-Risk Program

This archive file of AED 204 Week 8 Assignment Creating an At-Risk Program shows the solutions to the following problems:

Resources: Ch. 8 of Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society and Appendix E Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum Imagine that you have been asked to serve on the advisory board for a new, alternative school program in your school district. The advisory board must specify the factors that will be considered in determining which students qualify for the program and they must create a plan that can be presented to the school board for approval and potential implementation at the beginning of the school year two years from now. Create a plan for identifying potential students for the new at-risk program by completing the following points:

Consider the following question in your plan: Because you do not have the resources to serve an entire at-risk population, how will you focus your resources to create the greatest impact for your community? Use at least three sources

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