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Week 1 discussion question responses

Please write a response to each discussion question.

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Hi, my name is Kim Parker and I’m a mom to seven great kiddos 5 girls and 2 boys. My husband is in logistics management and we live in south central Nebraska. I’m originally from Gulfport, Mississippi and I miss home so bad! I work full time for NE Department of Health and Human Services as a Child and Family Services Specialist. It is the most demanding and sometimes overwhelming job of my entire life. I haven’t gotten home until very late every night this week which is why I’m here posting this at 11 pm. I am fortunate enough to be able to study when things get eerily quiet at work, so that’s a huge positive.

I have earned my degree solely online. I graduated in March of 2016 with my bachelor’s in Behavioral Science and went straight to work as an Intensive Family Preservation Skill Builder with a counseling agency in Lincoln. The hours and mileage were horrendous so I moved over to DHHS in January. I started my master’s in November and was supposed to start my residency in March however could not get the time off and had to reschedule. I was very disappointed over that! I love Bellevue University and the freedom it offers me to create my own schedule (to a degree!) I am very nervous over this class because numbers just aren’t my thing. I have faith though!

I like the idea of the scientist practitioner model because it promotes continued learning and understanding. It also acknowledges that mental health treatment is not a one-size-fits all practice. While evidence based practice might be cheaper, a great opportunity to learn is missed. Continued research lends itself to advancement in mental healthcare and we need that so badly these days. If new graduate students rely solely on Evidence based practice the potential for new methodologies and treatments is virtually lost. It’s vital to the field to continually research and develop a better understanding.

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My name is Shawn Walker, but do not let the name my name fool you I am a woman and a mother of five.  I have taken several online coursed before both through Bellevue University and through prior courses with American Military University.  I am scared taking a statistics class, especially online.  Math, in all forms, is not my strong suit and I kind of prefer residential classes overall as I find the environment easier for me to learn.  I am not currently working, my focus is fully on my education right now and being a mom.  However, I did spend 12 years in the Air Force as Security Forces (similar to military police) before being medically separated in 2015.  I would like to eventually be able to work with other veterans and law enforcement officers suffering from PTSD in a counseling capacity.  I hope to one day pursue my Doctorate’s, but that is on hold until my kids are a little older and more self-sufficient.

The scientist-practitioner model can be described as the combining of practitioner practices and therapies into a scientific format to help evaluate effectiveness.  Without the help of practitioners, it would be difficult to truly ascertain how effective some of the suggested therapies are.  They also help discover new therapies through experience which can then be passed on for evaluation through scientific method.  Through the use of evidence based practices the practitioners are able to offer credibility to their practices.  The area of mental health has not developed without its blemishes and fair share of controversial practices.  The uses of evidence based practices allows for the monitoring and evolution of effective and proven methods through scientific proof.

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