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American Art Before and After World War II Presentation

Prepare a 6- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker's notes (presenter notes) in which you examine the artwork of four artists. Select two photographers who worked during the Great Depression and two Abstract Expressionist artists.

Include at least two examples of art from each artist along with a description of the subject and style of each piece.

Just a reminder - Use American Art only, not music, literature, theater, film, poetry, etc.

American Art Before World War II

Discuss the purpose of the photographs taken during the Great Depression. 

Describe the role of the chosen photographs as tools for social commentary or other types of messaging in the 1930s.

Explain how was American photography during the Great Depression used as a message or as an instrument for social reform.

American Art After World War II

Discuss the emergence of American Abstract Expressionism in post-World War II America and how it differed from American artwork of the previous decades.

Describe how and why these artists were interested in their style of Abstract Art.  Include any "meaning", if there is any, to their art.

Explain how these American Abstract Expressionists used their art to explore the relationships between art and message in mid-20th Century America.

Assignments must include an introduction and a conclusion.

Examples of art must be accompanied by the name the artist and the title of the piece of art.

Include the images in your presentation.

Use bullet points on slides, not complete sentences or statements.

Use correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure in presenter notes.

Use third person for presentation.

Format your citations and references consistent with APA guidelines.

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