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Analysis on real-world data to answer the research paper questions

Project Guidelines

The final project for this class will be to do analysis on real-world data to answer yourresearch questions. You can choose any topic you want (using statistical analyses that have been covered in this course). You are welcome and encouraged to provide your own dataset to use for analysis, or you can use existing data sets. Your project should involve:1. Identifying research questions that can be answered using your chosen dataset andsome form of statistical analysis2. Identify which statistical analysis techniques can best help you make claims about your research questions3. Conducting and interpreting that statistical analysis4. Making a coherent research argument with strong claims based on this analysis5. Communicating this argument and the results of this analysis in both written and oral formatsThis research paper should be structured like a research paper, and include:• What is the problem? (Theoretical debate)• Is it significant? (An argument about its importance)• What have others done about it? (Brief literature review)• What is your approach?• What did you do explicitly? (How did you operationalize variables? How did youanalyze your data?)• What are the findings?• Discussion/(significance and limitations of this study)?Unlike a traditional research paper, answers to the first three questions should be brief, and most of the writing should focus on the analysis and the research claims based on that analysis. Additionally, your paper should show evidence that you• Can intelligently choose among different, valid methods of analyzing your data, andcan argue why that analysis technique successfully allows you to present evidence foryour claims.• Have thought through alternative interpretations of your results.• Can present the results of your analysis in a way that people who may be unfamiliarwith the technique can understand.• Know how to appropriately use tables and graphs to display data and results.• The paper should be no longer than 8 pages in a single-column 12-pt font format (notcounting any figures and tables and should contain an APA style Methods and Results section). Reports are to include the following sections:(a) A brief background (theoretical debate, needs, literature review)(b) Statement of the research question and hypotheses(c) A detailed Method section(d) A detailed Results section(e) A short Conclusion section

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