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Appraisals for Performance Management

There are a variety of factors that can affect the overall performance rating of an individual. Aguinis (2013) defines two methods — 1) judgmental and 2) mechanical — for reaching an overall score and states that the mechanical approach is preferable in most cases, particularly if performance objectives are not weighted.

Go to pages 162-163 in your textbook and review Case Study 6-2: Judgmental and Mechanical Methods of Assigning Overall Performance Score at The Daily Planet.

Discuss the implications of the judgmental and mechanical methods of assigning performance scores.

In one page:

You must use in-text citations and list APA style references to support your response.

·      You must use creditable resources, and at least 3 references.

·      Cite the book as one of your references.

Academic level writing and no plagiarism.  

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