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Architect - Project Planning

Creating a Project Plan

An I.T. architect is often responsible for creating a plan to deliver the client solution. Work with your team developer to determine what tasks need to completed for your project.

You don't have to use project management software. A table or spreadsheet will be fine. You will be updating this document throughout the course. There are several cloud-based online alternatives especially designed for team projects which may work better for you.

Your plan should include, at minimum:

  • Scope - Clearly define the goals of the project, including any and all tasks needed to reach those goals. Should also define what is not included in the scope of the project.
  • Resource Allocation - Who is assigned to the project and to individual tasks and what resources (funding, equipment) will be required to complete it.
  • Timeline - Sets the final deadline for the project as well as smaller milestones within the project.
  • Definition of Deliverables - Define which tasks must happen in succession and which can be performed concurrently.
  • Task Assignments - Who is responsible for what tasks?
  • Risk Planning - Identify potential obstacles and contingency plans to deal with them
  • Monitoring - Keep track of ongoing activities, resources required and used and project status (where it should be versus where it actually is)
  • Quality Control - Each deliverable should be assessed to see if it meets the stated requirements. New deliverables may need to be defined to complete the project.
  • Closing - This is where we wrap things up

This is not expected to be a complete document upon first submission. Submit this initial plan to your instructor. If you decide to use project management software, your instructor may request that you export your file into a more common format. Your document should be 1-2 pages.

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