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As citizens of the democratic city-state of Athens, why did Cleon and Diodotus disagree about the value and role of public debate and democracy, especially for deciding issues of foreign policy?

Using evidence from Suetonius' Life of Julius Caesar, explain how a Roman citizen became politically influential during the period of the Late Republic (the first century BCE) 

Using evidence from Josephus' account of the the situation in Judea in the decades before the outbreak of the Jewish War in 67 AD, explain why segments of the Jewish population rebelled against Roman rule? (Keep in mind that Josephus' account covers over half a century. Don't focus excessively on events from a single year, especially if the events took place forty years before the rebellion.)

It should be between 1000 and 1200 words in length.

3. Any subsequent paragraphs (body paragraphs) should begin with an analytical topic sentence.

4. It must not quote more than 75 words.

5. It should make at least seven references to the text. You must provide page citations for these references.  You may use parenthetical references for these citations.  For example, cite in the following manner, (Josephus, 54).

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