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HIS 303 Week 3 DQ 2 Populists and Progressives

This paperwork of HIS 303 Week 3 Discussion Question 2 Populists and Progressives shows the solutions to the following problems:

According to much populist rhetoric since the 1980s, the federal government is too active in domestic affairs, particularly the economy. Yet, a century earlier, the Populists and Progressives an agitated to have the federal government intervene more actively in domestic affairs. Explain why many Americans during this period from 1880 to 1930 favored a more activist federal government. Summarize the constitutional views of the Populists and Progressives, and explain how they differed from the conservative views held by the Supreme Court and others of the time.

What developments led the Populists and Progressives to call for a more activist federal government? How did they hope to change the nature of state and federal government as they expanded its power? On what grounds did conservatives, especially in the courts, oppose the policies proposed by Populists and Progressives? What was the impact on American Society of the growing power of the national government, particularly in economic issues?

When responding to the above questions, reference material from three of the following documents:

a. The subjective necessity of social settlements

b. An economic interpretation of the Constitution of the United States

c. The Bible

d. Theodore Roosevelt: New nationalism speech, 1910

e. The Omaha platform: Launching the Populist Party

f. A governor bitterly opposes Negro education

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