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Assignment 2: Design Connections Long periods of inactivity may cause your session to timeout and your submission to fail. If you have left this...

DSC 101 Arizona State University

1.Tool Selected:

2. What makes this a Tool?:

3.The Tool's connection to design theory:

4. Structure Selected:

5.What makes this a Structure?:

6.The Structure's connection to design theory:

7.Sign Selected:

8.What makes this a Sign?:

9.The Sign's connection to design theory: Explain how the sign selected above connects with three of the following design concepts: design elements, design principles, Gestalt principles, Maslow's hierarchy, and the communication model. Please be specific and use critical thinking in your answer. 

Reference book:Designing:A Journey Through Time

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Assignment 2: Design ConnectionsLong periods of inactivity may cause your session to timeout and your submission to fail. If you have left this window inactive for more than a couplehours, you are highly advised to save your answers in an external text editor, leave the page, then return again to retype your answers and submit.Design Connections is an assignment that encourages an awareness of the design world that surrounds us each day. It asks the student to connect designtheory to design practice by way of pre-selected images and to explicate three of the examples within the context of Tools, Structures and Signs.Instructions1. Download the Assignment Bundle ZIP file2. Choose 3 images from the images provided; one each for Tool, Structure, and Sign3. Consider what constitutes Tools, Structures and Signs in the Artificial World and the connection of design theory and principle to design practice4. For each of your choices, you are asked to make a connection between the course material and the real world of design by way of the Tool, Structureand Sign selected5. Answer the questions below, being sure to follow the rubricThe designs that you see in this image are signs, but not because theyare material structures. They are signs because they use designelements to create a visual statement to both signify and symbolize amessageDELTACONooble Roman's PIZZACOFFEEDreyer'sWGrand Ice CreamWomenchnikorSUBWAYFOOD CMIRT 1BEN 1 458
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