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Assignment No. 1 Submission date last day of week 7. of Grades 06 grades Learning Outcome:

  • Assignment No. 1 Submission date last day of week 7. No. of Grades 06 grades
  • Learning Outcome:-
  • Purpose of this Assignment, the students will identify their Understanding of sentence and paragraph level, language needed to convey a business voice in writing.
  1.   "The Medium is a message."
  • Compare Two advertisement^^ for the Same product perhaps a billboard and a television or internet Advertisement. In what ways have the marketers of this product adapted their message to each medium .
  • ^^(Students will independent to take any brand as advertisement)
  1. 2.Select an article, letter, Document that need more transitions between ideas. Edit that document using shoehorns.
  • (Please refer Chapter no. 05 for the shoehorns.)
  • The Letter article and document will not same studentwise, each Student will discuss with each other in your class room for the selection of Article letter or document.
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