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BIOS 135 Week 5 Quiz

This pack of BIOS 135 Week 5 Quiz consists of:

1. How many molecules of glucose are produced by each cycle of the light reaction?2. The light reactions of photosynthesis take place ______.3. The Calvin cycle makes direct use of ______ to make ______.4. The Calvin cycle requires ______ and ______ from the light-dependent reactions in order to operate.5. Which of the following occurs during prophase?6. The cell cycle results in the production of ______.7. The correct sequence of stages of mitosis is ______.8. Which of the following is the best description of the events of anaphase I?9. Upon completion of telophase I and cytokinesis, there is(are) ______ cell(s).10. Which of the following is a characteristic seen in prophase I that does not occur in prophase II?11. What is generated during meiosis?

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